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5 Tips for Creating an Alfresco Area

5 Tips for Creating an Alfresco Area

One of the best things about life in Perth is year-round great weather.

From firing up the BBQ on long summer afternoons, to relaxing with a cuppa on winter weekend mornings, we can all agree that a bit of fresh air every day does us good.

Alfresco areas are the ideal way to enjoy our beautiful weather all year without leaving the house.


Here are our top tips for renovating an outdoor area to get the most from Perth’s alfresco lifestyle.

1.   Plan for All Weather

Luckily there are relatively few rainy days this side of the country, but you will want to build an outdoor living area with shelter from wind and hot sun.

Choose a position that won’t have you baking in the afternoon sun, or use shading to block out the hottest part of the day. Blinds and louvers are also a popular design feature in Perth alfresco; they keep out the wildest weather without compromising on your garden view.


2.   Match Your Home and Lifestyle

Style and functionality go hand-in-hand when renovating an outdoor area. Choose a Perth alfresco builder who can tailor a design to match the existing home for a seamless integration to the living space.

Consider how you will use the space before embarking on the renovation. Do you want to cook in the space? If so, what are you looking for in terms of outdoor kitchen appliance? Do you want the room fully enclosed, like a conservatory, or are you happy to have it open-sided? Do you want the outdoor room addition to be an extension under the main roof, or do you envisage an independent separate Pool House or Studio?

Addstyle Master Builders create bespoke outdoor living spaces just for Perth families. We also design and install granny flats to suit any need.

3.   Green-Up the Space

Outdoor plants add natural vibrance to any outdoor space. Our favourites plants for Perth alfresco are:

  • Mosquito repellents: Citronella, lemon eucalyptus and lemongrass
  • Kitchen herbs: Rosemary, mint, basil and mint (they also add fresh fragrance to your outdoor space)
  • Fragrant plants: Lavender and jasmine
  • Hanging plants: Ferns, devil’s ivy, or petunia for a splash of colour
  • Succulents: Hardy in the harsh Perth weather
  • Palms: Dwarf date palms and ponytail palms are popular in Perth alfresco
  • Climbers: Bougainvillea, star jasmine and climbing roses can also provide natural canopies over time

With so many native and budget-friendly plants available from local garden centre there is guaranteed to be a plant to suit your space.

4.   Features and Functionality

Want to get the most out of your renovated outdoor area for years to come? You might want to think about adding functional features:

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Built-in BBQ
  • Ceiling fans
  • Sliding or French doors
  • Bar area
  • Outdoor TV
  • Jacuzzi

Plus, consider how lighting and furniture allow you to use the space day and night. Furniture should be comfortable but hardy enough to be left outside.

Addstyle can customise your space to give you the flexibility to switch from outdoor living area to alfresco entertaining area depending on the weather.

5.   Finishing Touches

The delight is in the detail: beyond choosing the right furniture to suit your existing home, your chosen finishes will have a significant impact on the feel of your alfresco area.

Addstyle can finish your newly renovated outdoor room in sleek modern renders, deck it out in polished wood, or create a raw brick façade to complement rustic outdoor cooking. No matter your vision, trust Perth’s most awarded home renovation builder to make it a reality.


Affordable, Beautiful Alfresco Living

Summer is only a couple of months away.

To ensure your alfresco area is ready for you to kick back and enjoy the long summer afternoons, or entertain friends and neighbours this Christmas, contact Addstyle Master Builders for a custom alfresco renovation quote.

The History of Character Homes in Perth

The History of Character Homes in Perth

Perth character homes each represent a page in our city’s history book. We are a comparatively young city, but still old enough for unique architecture to reflect iconic eras in design.

From Federation brick homes, to Victorian cottages, California bungalows and weatherboard wonders, homes with unique charm continue to be hot property in the Perth market.

The old-world charm of Perth heritage homes is undeniable. For homeowners, preserving that original character is paramount.

So what do you do when you want the inimitability of a character home with the modern conveniences of 21stcentury home design?


Attention to Every Detail

Character homes almost always have features and quirks that make them truly unique. Large fireplaces, nooks and crannies with a forgotten or outdated purpose, even entire rooms that were parlours or pantries in decades past.

These details are what give character homes their charm. High quality character home renovations will not only preserve, but also celebrate, key features for the next generation to enjoy.

There is no need to sacrifice mod-cons to own a piece of Perth real estate history. Properly undertaken, character home renovations will focus on preserving every detail in your home while updating the space with the latest technology and comfort.

Even multiple extensions and remodelling are possible within the guidelines of heritage homes. You can retain the aura you fell in love with (inside and out) while making space for your family or lifestyle by embracing modern features like:

  • Open plan kitchens;
  • Smart wiring;
  • Flexible living spaces;
  • Alfresco areas; and,
  • Heated bathroom flooring

Adding a Second Storey

One of the most complex Perth heritage home renovations is a second storey addition. Designing and building a modern living space is the easy part. Ensuring the extension seamlessly matches, or stylishly complements, the existing home is where our expertise matters.

At Addstyle Master Builders we design and build completely bespoke second storey additions that preserve the home’s charm while providing a modern, flexible upper level for growing Perth families.

Not only will a second-storey add valuable space to your charming cottage, it will add value if you decide to sell. 

Preserving Heritage Homes

We understand Perth heritage homeowners can be hesitant with renovations. Because Addstyle take on a limited number of renovation projects each year, our clients benefit from a low project supervisor to client ratio.

Every detail is closely overseen on a daily basis by your dedicated project supervisor to ensure the renovation vision is brought to life while maintaining the home’s all-important heritage elements. 

If the years have been hard on your dream home, our experienced team will draw on extensive knowledge of Perth’s heritage designs to restore your place to its former glory.

As a specialised Perth character home renovation builder, Addstyle Master Builders have more than 30 years’ experience renovating homes from the early 1900s through to homes that were brand-new when we started the business in 1988.

Thinking of renovating a character home, or just want to discuss your options with the experts? Contact Addstyle for a complimentary consultation in your home.

Building vs Renovating in Perth

Building vs Renovating in Perth

Trying to decide between renovating or building? You are not alone; we have this conversation with Perth families often.

Especially for growing families the choice to build a bigger house or extend the family home is a big decision.

There are a lot of factors to consider but ultimately you should weigh up what is best for the people living in the house: your family.


Location, Location, Location

Empty blocks close to Perth CBD or popular coastal spots are hard to come by. Choosing to build will usually mean moving to a different suburb further out from the city, or away from your favourite beach, or alternatively going to the significant expense of demolishing an existing house at your chosen location.

There are schools, neighbours, parks, safety factors and the length of the morning commute to consider. Location has a big influence on lifestyle so is always a consideration for building vs renovating in Perth. If you love where you live but your home is no longer fit for purpose a modern extension might be the ideal solution.


Block Size

New housing estates are an attractive option for many Perth families however block sizes in new developments these days are very small, with little yard space. If you’re not willing to give up your front or backyard but need an extra bedroom accommodation, then adding a second storey might be the best option. Alternatively purchasing an established home on a larger block and adding a ground floor extension may provide the solution you’re looking for.



Building a new home requires a large outlay and advertised new home prices fail to include some significant extra costs, such as site works. Using the existing ‘bones’ of the home as a base for a whole home renovation can essentially provide you a ‘new’ home a a much reduced cost. Further, if you do not need to renovate your entire home at once, you can choose to ‘stage’ the project in order to manage your budget. We will work to your schedule and budget for a stress-free renovation project.


Hidden Costs of Moving

When building a home from scratch you must also consider the hidden costs. There is rent or a mortgage for at least 12 months over the duration of the build, as well as stamp duty on the block, realestate fees on the home you’re leaving, as well as removalist costs at least once during the process. This can quickly add up to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in dead money.


Character Home Renovations

New builds are comfortable, modern and clean. For some tastes that is ideal but for others the detail and character is what makes a house, their home.

Addstyle Master Builders are Perth’s premier character home renovation company. We have three decades of experience preserving the character features in Perth home renovations with modern extensions that complement the home’s existing charm.


Think Long-Term

It’s no secret the Perth property market has dipped significantly in recent years so moving to a new house now will mean selling in a downturn.

Renovations add long-term value to your home. It might be hard to visualise an empty nest when your family is growing, but renovations now will mean a more attractive sale price down the line when you are ready to downsize.


Your Choice, Your Renovation Company

Addstyle Master Builders is a family-owned boutique builder; the importance of family comfort is at the heart of every renovation project we undertake. For families wondering whether to build or renovate, Addstyle can offer advice on the best solution for your unique situation.

Contact our team for personalised advice to help you decide today.