What can I expect from Addstyle’s design and build process?

We start with an introductory phone call to discuss your requirements and provide a preliminary indication of the cost of such a project. Next, we arrange a complimentary consultation at your property where our design consultant will assess the home and discuss your brief in further detail. If you are happy to proceed, we will then undertake a site measure and begin developing a design concept for your project.

Once your design is ready, we will invite you to a Design Presentation Meeting with the consultant and a senior designer at our Balcatta or Claremont premises. At this meeting we will conduct a 3D walk-though of your project and discuss any refinements required. We will also provide a project estimate for the design. When you are happy with the design and estimate, we will produce a detailed Project Specification, Concept Plans, and a fixed price contract for your approval.

Working drawings and shire applications will then be produced. Meanwhile you will be appointed a dedicated Client Manager who will guide you through the pre-commencement process and arrange your complimentary Interior Design meeting at our Claremont Design Studio. We will guide you throughout the selections process and ensure that your renovation best reflects your vision.

Once approvals are received, you will be appointed a Building Supervisor and building works can commence.

How long will my project take to get started?

This will of course depend on the size and scope of your project and the shire approval requirements. Once you have confirmed the design and locked in your fixed price contract, we will prepare your detailed working drawings and planning application. Under legislation, the local authority has 90 days to process a Development Application and a further 10 days to issue a Building Permit. If your project requires DA, you should expect around 4-5 months from contract signing before site commencement. If your design deems to comply or is non-structural, these timeframes will be significantly reduced.

Can I live in the home throughout the works?

In most cases you can comfortably live in the home throughout the duration of works, and most of our clients do choose that option.

Partitioning can be used to isolate the area of works from the home, or in the case of second storey additions, the works can be undertaken without breaking through to the ground floor until the late stages of the build.

Who will be looking after my project?

You will be allocated a dedicated Building Supervisor who will manage construction of your project. Our construction team are all renovation and extension specialists, with many years’ experience specifically with alterations and additions. Your project will also be overseen by our Construction Manager, and you will have a Client Manager overseeing all administrative aspects of your project from pre-start right through to handover.

How has Covid-19 impacted costs and timeframes?

Despite recent press that has reported long delays, skyrocketing prices and material shortages in the building industry, Addstyle has not experienced the impact to the extent reported by many other builders. Such issues appear to have particularly affected the volume and project builders, or small outfits with unpredictable project levels. At Addstyle we have always capped our project numbers to ensure that we only commit to a manageable workload. We also use a long-serving, loyal trade base to ensure consistent quality, timeframes and labour pricing. While there has indeed been some material and labour price increases in recent months, increases are inevitable and occur annually regardless. We do not anticipate material prices coming down for a long-time, if ever, so the best time to build is (as always) ‘now’.