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The Problem with Square Metre Building Rates

The Problem with Square Metre Building Rates

When choosing a renovation builder, many people ask about the ‘square metre rate’ as they wish to compare this cost between companies. Let us explain two reasons why this is a mistake:

Reason #1:

Think back to a time you bought something by the metre. Perhaps it was some carpet, material for a dress or curtains, or a length of rope at the hardware store. Let me ask you this question: when comparing different products did the per metre price vary much? Of course it did.


It’s obvious – different types of carpet (or material or rope… or houses) are very different in quality. One carpet may be made of wool while another is synthetic. One type of material may be handmade while another may come from an automated machine. And one rope may have a breaking strain of 1 ton while another can’t hold 100kg.

An average home contains hundreds of different ‘ingredients’ including carpet, bricks, tiles, taps, sinks, paint, timber, glass etc. And all of these materials come in different qualities. On top of that, the way in which these materials are assembled into a finished house differs in quality and attention to detail.

The variances are almost infinite. So comparing one builder’s price of $2,500 per square metre to another’s price of $5,000 per square metre is exactly like trying to compare an orange with a lemon. The differences are many, not just the price.

Reason #2:

Every renovation is different. Some houses are dilapidated or out-of-square, some houses modern yet access is restricted. While two different renovations may cover the same internal dimension (square meterage) the labour requirements and quantity of building materials that go into renovating these homes, will vary greatly.

Unfortunately renovation can not be compared by square metre rate. The variables are too great. And you may find you end up with a lemon when you really wanted an orange.

The right builder can give you great design ideas with your budget and level of fit-out in mind.

Addstyle Master Builders is Perth’s leading specialist home renovation company, having undertaken hundreds of home improvements across over 30 years. If you’d like to arrange a no-obligation discussion with our team, please contact us via this website or by telephone on 08 9345 2333.

What Can A $150,000 Renovation Spend Buy Me?

What Can A $150,000 Renovation Spend Buy Me?

The federal government’s HomeBuilder package is set to cause a renovation frenzy as Australians are offered a $25,000 government grant to help them Renovate, Remodel and Extend their homes.

Eligibility requires an annual income under $125,000 for singles and $200,000 for couples, as well as a home valued at under $1.5 million. Building contracts signed from 4 June 2020 and valued between $150,000 and $750,000 qualify for a $25,000 grant to help fund the renovation project.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated “If you’ve been putting off that renovation or new build, the extra $25,000 we’re putting on the table along with the record low interest rates means now’s the time to get started”.

So the big question is “What can a $150,000 renovation spend actually buy me?”.

Over the past 32 years Addstyle has renovated and extended hundreds of homes across Perth in all styles, sizes and budgets. We’ve put together the following guide to give you an idea of what WA’s most awarded home renovation builder can give you for around $150,000.

1. Bedroom, Bathroom and Sitting Room Home Extension

average cost of single storey extension home renovation dalkeith

If your family has outgrown your current home, you may have considered a ground floor home extension. For a $150,000 budget you could add an extra bedroom with an Ensuite or separate Bathroom as well as a Sitting Room. Turn your 3 x 1 into a 4 x 2 and add significant property value as well as  the space to spread out. 

2. Complete Internal Remodel.

Hillarys Extension3

A $150,000 budget would go a long way towards updating your home’s interior. You could renovate your Kitchen, a couple of Bathrooms and Laundry. Depending on your choice of finishings, you could also consider new flooring, painting and even some remodelling to reconfigure your spaces.

3. External Cosmetic Makeover

construction companies in perth western australia specialising in skillion roof and feature aluminium joinery

$150,000 would also go a long way to updating your homes street appeal. Consider rendering over that outdated brick, a re-roof, new windows and entry door, and even a new driveway. You could also construct a Portico or modernise dated features.

4. Add an attached ‘granny flat’

granny flat builders perth

Do you have an elderly relative or young-adult who you would like to keep close-by yet independent? $150,000 can get you a fully self-contained ‘granny flat’ extension including bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and sitting room. Bear in mind however, that the Homebuilder grant cannot be used for construction “outside the home” so if you’re considering adding ancillary accommodation it seems it will need to be attached to the main house and not at the back of the garden. 

5. Family Room Extension and Alfreso Area with deluxe outdoor kitchen

house building companies specialising in transformation of a modest cottage into a grand family home

Live outdoors all year around with a deluxe Alfresco Area built under the main roof with a full outdoor kitchen and accessed through bi-fold or stacker doors, from your new Family Room!

6. Second Storey Addition Retreat and Balcony.

transformation of a modest cottage into a grand family home by renovation company

Adding a second storey is more costly than extending on the ground, however it is indeed possible for a $150,000 budget. If you’re after a Rumpas Room or Retreat and even a balcony to take in a view, you can achieve this within budget. If you’re after a bedroom, bathroom and sitting room addition you will have to extend the budget a little more.

Addstyle Master Builders is Western Australia’s most awarded home renovation builder. For over 30 years Addstyle has designed and constructed hundreds of renovations and extensions across the Perth metro area. To discuss your own project with our team contact us today to learn more and arrange a complimentary renovation consultation.

To Renovate or Move: The $100,000 Question

To Renovate or Move: The $100,000 Question

Renovate or Move? The $100,000 question.

If the time has come to upgrade your home, moving to a new property isn’t necessarily the best option. Choosing to renovate or remodel your existing home can not only actually save you money, but can also transform your existing home into something that is essentially brand new.

The hidden costs of buying property

There are many more expenses attached to purchasing a property than just the price of the house itself. These include the agent fees for selling your current home which is generally 2-3% ($20-30,000 on a $1 million property), as well as the stamp duty for purchasing the new home ($45,000 for $1M), conveyancing, and removalist costs. These charges can quickly add up to a six figure sum. Alternatively, this money can go a long way towards updating, renovating or extending your existing home and your current equity can often be used to finance it.

Avoid the stress of moving

It’s been said that moving house is in the top three of life’s stressful events, third only to death and divorce. While you will may have to shuffle your furniture around the house or vacate a whole section, renovating avoids the hassle and expenses associated with moving to a whole new property. If you are extending your home at ground level or even adding a second storey, the works can usually be isolated with temporary walls and minimal disruption.

The finished product.

Choosing to renovate your existing home rather than buy a new one doesn’t mean sacrificing the fresh new look and feel you’re after. In fact, it gives you the freedom to add the exact features and styles you’ve been dreaming of for your home. Employing the services of a reputable home renovation builder will ensure you’re left with a finished product that reflects your own personal style and provides a quality finish that will give your home’s value a boost.

Western Australia’s most awarded home renovation company for over 30 years.

If your home is due for a face lift or needs some added space contact Western Australia’s leading specialist home renovation company, Addstyle Master Builders. Addstyle is Western Australia’s most awarded home renovation builder and has been creating premium quality home improvements for over 30 years. What’s more, Addstyle can provide their premium service for a genuinely market-competitive fee. Addstyle specialises in kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, home extensions, second storey additions, alfresco area additions, carports and garages and custom granny flats.

For more information or to discuss your own home renovation with our award-winning design team visit www.addstyle.net to learn more.

View more Before and After home renovations, extensions and second storey additions via our PROJECT GALLERY. Including interactive suburb map showing you renovations in your own neighbourhood.

Renovation Horror Stories – And How to Avoid Them.

Renovation Horror Stories – And How to Avoid Them.

Talk to people who have renovated and before long you will hear a horror story or two.

Most contractors appear to be qualified, experienced and professional, and they seem so helpful at first, but after you sign the contract things can go downhill fast.

Here are just three of the most common issues that can arise:

1. Unrealistic or Non-Compliant Drawings:

Many people believe that the best way to start a home extension building project is to engage a draftsperson or architect to produce tender drawings. Unfortunately this is no guarantee that the project is financially viable or even structurally possible.

When faced with a problem with shire approvals or structural matters, many tender builders will simply throw their hands in the air if there’s a issue with the supplied drawings, and then you’re stuck trying to resolve something you don’t quite understand and didn’t budget for.

2. Budget Blowouts:

When you sign a contract, you assume everything is covered. So you arrange finance accordingly. That’s why it’s so frustrating when your builder suddenly tells you about the extras required to finish your project.

Typical ‘surprise’ charges are for drawing fees, shire approval fees, housing indemnity insurance (compulsory for structural additions), engineering, verge permits, traffic management, temporary toilets for trades, sufficient bins. And these examples are before work has even commenced!

3. Time Delays:

Time delays can be so frustrating, and end up costing you a lot of money. You may be renting elsewhere during your renovation or have furniture in storage. Time delays can be stressful and costly.

Ask around and you’ll discover these things happen ALL THE TIME.

A full-service, professional renovation builder should have a team of in-house draftspeople and professional schedulers, and produce a thorough scope of works that includes EVERYTHING.

Your fixed price contract should be fully-inclusive of all fees, permits and services leaving nothing left to spring on you later. This is why the ‘lowest price’ is very often deceptive.

You do not want to be the person with the latest renovation horror story to share. Research your builder thoroughly.

To assist you with your research we have collated a list of the 10 most important questions you should ask EVERY home renovation builder AND the answers you need to hear. To get a copy of this comprehensive e-book, provide us with the email to send it to HERE.

Addstyle Master Builders is Perth’s most awarded home renovation builder. Offering a complete-service from design & drafting, through approvals, selections-advice and demolition, to construction and beyond. To chat to one of our team about your own renovation project, contact us today.


Why NOW is Actually an Ideal Time To Plan a Home Renovation

Why NOW is Actually an Ideal Time To Plan a Home Renovation

Dominique Travers of Addstyle explains why NOW is actually a good time to start your renovation project.

Believe it or not, right now is an ideal time to start the process of planning a home renovation or extension project.

This crisis WILL end, and life will eventually return to normal.

We can use this quieter time to plan and prepare and, use some of the approval processing time-frames that usually frustrate, to our advantage.

There are three good reasons why NOW is actually a good time to start your renovation planning.


In fact, over past years MANY of our clients have undertaken the initial design and planning phase of their home renovation remotely. Whether they were living overseas and preparing a home for their return, or more commonly, they were travelling during all or part of the process.

By utilising our software, we can easily facilitate and closely collaborate with our clients throughout the design process, without ever being in the same room.

Internet meeting websites such as Zoom allow easy face to face meeting with the safety of distance. And our screens can be shared to take you right inside our design platforms and even walk you though the 3D model of your project concept, just as we would if you were sitting in our presentation room.


Once a design concept has been completed to your satisfaction it requires approval from the local authority. Planning approvals take around 3 months in most councils and the issue of a building licence can take a further two weeks.

This waiting period can be frustrating for homeowners and builders alike, who are eager to get the project started. During this particular time in history however, waiting a few months is not necessarily a bad thing. By the time the project has been approved, this crisis should hopefully be behind us.

That leads me to the final reason why NOW is actually a good time to start your renovation journey.


We understand that our clients are apprehensive about embarking on a building project at this time and for that reason we are adding an additional level of reassurance to all of our current building contracts during this crisis.

We are adding an additional clause allowing clients to RECONFIRM their fixed price contract once all shire approvals have been received. This essentially means that once you have approved the project design and costings, we will prepare all working drawings and submit your project to your local authority and give you a further, final opportunity to RECONFIRM your commitment once the approvals have been received. As I mentioned earlier, that could be in around three months’ time when we should all have a clearer picture of the state of economy.

Our design team remains fully operational and will continue so throughout any isolation period. If you would like to have a preliminary conversation with one of our team, please give us a call on (08) 9345 2333 or send a submission through our website”.