Modernize Your Home With Renovation Trends in 2021

1 Jan 2021

2020 took staying at home to a new level, with us spending more time than ever within the boundaries of our property. This also meant that we started to use our homes differently than before, with many of us relegated to fashioning a workable office or teaching space in our houses, proving agility and flexibility when coping with a global pandemic. All this time at home, combined with an inability to travel anywhere, has seen new trends emerging for 2021, focusing on creating functional, environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Sustainable materials like biomaterials and cladding are seeing huge growth, along with a move towards natural colourways and rustic organic soft furnishings.

Read on to learn more about the top 2021 renovation trends:

Green Solutions

As society becomes more conscious of our footprint, we are seeing modern homes trending towards green solutions, making use of the sun and wind to heat and cool the house, with solar panels and grey water systems increasing in popularity. Homeowners are thinking more and more about the environmental impact of home design, and this is reflected in current building materials, home renovation and home extension style choices. 

Outdoor Spaces

Perhaps the biggest trend we have seen in the past months has been the increase in investment spent on outdoor spaces. It’s all about resort style living, with a design focus on the integration of indoors and out, high-spec outdoor kitchens for year-round entertaining, and hotel-style furnishings throughout. If we can’t enjoy holiday travel, we’re bringing the holiday to us.

Work from home spaces

COVID-19 taught us that our working from home environment had a positive affect on productivity – in many cases working from home actually boosted productivity, as well as improving work/life balance. 2021 home renovations will see an emphasis on multifunctional design, achieved by the introduction of modular furniture, concealed storage and sliding screens, creating flexible spaces to work, play and relax. We are seeing an increasing number of clients requesting their spaces serve as relaxation spaces and work and home-schooling spaces.

Open Plan

The trend for open plan living is still showing no signs of slowing down. Open plan spaces are great for entertaining and suit a relaxed, laidback lifestyle. They work well for contemporary coastal homes and feel luxurious and contemporary.

Heritage Style

Despite being a relatively young city, Perth’s respect for heritage continues to deepen. The ‘old meets new’ design trends continue with more homeowners requesting a restoration to the original home juxtaposed with a modern-architectural extension. Whether the extension is a seamless heritage style, or something more modern, homeowners are valuing the importance of attention to detail with heritage style home renovations. As people looking for traditional styles to soothe the uncertainty of the world, heritage style second storey additions and home extensions provide comfort.

Rustic Vogue

We are also seeing a definite move towards natural, earthy tones, featuring heavy textures, beiges and browns. This reflects a desire to reconnect with the natural world, and the need for comfort and security. Earthy tones, raw timber beams, natural stones and timber-look tiles – this home renovation trend looks set to stay for a while. If you’re considering adding a second storey or home extension to your house, consider natural finishes.

Get on trend with Addstyle Master Builders

Addstyle are Perth’s remodelling specialists, transforming living spaces with innovative modern home renovations. From full-home makeovers to home extensions, and second storey additions to alfresco area additions, we’re here to help you embrace 2021’s home renovation trends with high quality work guaranteed to last. With the government grant still available, there has never been a better time to renovate.

Get in touch to discuss your renovation vision and find out for yourself why we are Western Australia’s most awarded home renovation builder and designer.

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