Will A Second-Storey Extension Increase Your House Price?

29 Mar 2024

What a Second-Storey Extension Will Do for Your House Price

What is the value of a second storey extension?

This question is the starting point on a journey that has seen thousands of Perth homeowners capitalise on the benefits of a second-storey extension.

At Addstyle, we see a second-storey extension as transformative in several ways.

First is the expanded floor space inside, giving you more room to live, work and grow. Then there is the possibility to unlock great views while improving your home’s street presence.

And of course, adding an upper floor can be a strategic investment in your home’s value. With the right renovation partner, a second-storey expansion can yield a significant house price increase in the long term.

With over 35 years of excellence in home renovations and extensions across Western Australia, we’re here to guide you through the journey of elevating your home, both literally and figuratively.


The Value of a Second-Storey Addition

Property is a significant investment. So, it’s natural to ask, “How can I increase my house value?”.

While there are several answers to the question – such as renovating tired spaces, adding an outdoor area, extending the existing floors or building a granny flat – few strategies are as transformative as a second-storey extension.

A second-storey addition offers a unique opportunity to increase your living area without sacrificing precious outdoor living space. This is particularly advantageous in Perth’s denser neighbourhoods, where land is at a premium.

Perth real estate data suggests that the extra living space you gain with a second-storey extension can result in a significant house price increase. 

Design Considerations for Second-Storey Extensions

Realising the potential ROI (return on investment) of a second-storey extension means thinking about the project as more than simply adding space.

It’s about enhancing your home’s aesthetic and functional appeal. Here are some design considerations that ensure a second-storey addition is truly transformative from the ground up.

  •     Architectural integration: Careful selection of materials, roof lines, window styles and finishes guarantees a cohesive extension that complements and enhances existing architectural styles.
  •     Flooring system: Some renovators utilise compressed sheeting, however, we favour an aerated concrete flooring system for second-storey extensions as this material boasts superior thermal and acoustic properties. 
  •     Stair placement: Our designs always consider the best location for stair access to minimise disruption to the existing layout to ensure the staircase is functional and a feature element.
  •     Flow and functionality: We create spaces that meet your current needs and are adaptable for future use, including thoughtful room design, efficient space use and a natural flow between old and new.
  •     Lighting and ventilation: A well-designed second-storey expansion should enhance the home’s natural light and ventilation, creating bright, airy, healthy living spaces.
  •     Privacy considerations: Our designs consider window placement and outdoor spaces to ensure privacy for you and your neighbours, without sacrificing natural light.

Living Benefits Beyond Financial Gain

A second-storey extension has the potential to yield a house price increase, although many factors determine a home’s value (both with and without a second-storey).

However, we believe the true value extends beyond monetary gain.

Extend your property

When block size restrictions prevent you from extending outwards, extending upwards is an opportunity to achieve the same results without having to encroach an outdoor space.

In our experience, a crucial consideration here is maintaining all the character elements that make your house feel like a home while adding a modern, functional and flexible extension. By blending architectural styles and giving careful consideration to flow, light and stair placement, we make the space feel homely from the first day.

Extend your lifestyle

A second story offers the flexibility to accommodate growing families or meet evolving needs. Whether that looks like a dedicated space for kids to grow into young adults, a private parent’s sanctuary, privacy to work from home without disturbing the flow of family life, second-storey extensions provide that much-needed breathing room. 

Extend your view

We can’t forget the views. Many of our second-storey extensions have unlocked the potential of a new perspective: panoramic vistas of the Perth skyline, the Swan River, the coast, or rolling hills, many of which could be your new view.

Everyone’s view is different. What we can guarantee, however, is that you’ll have a new perspective on life after a second-floor expansion.

Navigating the Approvals Landscape for a Stress-Free Second-Storey Extension

Most Perth homeowners considering a second-storey extension will know they need the Council’s blessing in the form of a Development Approval (DA).

Securing a DA, also called planning approval, requires understanding R-Codes (Residential Design Codes) applicable to your property. R-Codes regulate aspects such as privacy, access to daylight and site coverage.

Planning approval also depends on whether there are heritage considerations, sensitive environmental areas, or significant changes to the home’s appearance.

Even then, a DA is only one aspect of a successful second-storey extension. Engineer’s reports, insurance, contractual obligations, neighbour consultations, and National Construction Code (NCC) compliance all factor into the success of your renovation.

These considerations when adding a second-storey extension highlight the importance of working with an experienced partner who pays close attention to every detail.

Why Finding the Right Design and Build Partner is Crucial

A second-storey extension can deliver significant returns in the form of an increased house price and elevated standard of living.

The key to capitalising on this upward mobility is choosing the right design and build partner.

Exceptional design is one part of the equation. A proven track record for construction expertise and experience is also essential. Underpinning all this, you want to choose a company that demonstrates an understanding of and commitment to your lifestyle goals.

Quality, experience and service are the three fundamentals of a successful second-storey extension.

At Addstyle, we are dedicated to turning your vision into reality.

Our commitment to quality without compromise and full-service approach ensures a seamless renovation experience from design to construction, and long beyond handover.

Reach out to discuss your dream home renovation, and take the first steps to elevating your lifestyle and increasing your home’s value with Addstyle.

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