Different Architectural Styles For Home Renovations

16 Aug 2021

When it comes to adding a second storey, undertaking a significant home renovation, or thinking about a home extension, a good designer will start by identifying the architectural style of the home that is being modified. Whether the addition is in keeping with the original style, or an intended contrast, it is important to ensure that the new works blend and balance seamlessly with the existing.


While a home addition should always take account of the inherent architectural style, you can incorporate modern elements and functionalities that work in harmony, creating beautiful, sophisticated results.


Read on to learn more about the most common Australian architectural styles and how to approach renovations or home extensions.

Federation Renovations

Australian Federation-style homes were mainly built between 1900 and 1914, between the birth of Australia as a unified country and the beginning of World War I. Federation-style homes are loved for their impressive and ornate style. Some such homes are heritage protected, meaning there may be some restrictions on modifications.


At Addstyle Master Builders, we appreciate the beauty and quality of this architectural style and work with each unique home to produce a meaningful and cohesive design without compromising classic historic appeal. By collaborating with our team of designers and builders, you’ll bring all your property renovation dreams to life. Talk to our expert team to start outlining a plan for your Federation-style home today.

California Bungalow Renovations

The California bungalow architectural style was first introduced to Australia in 1913. As the name suggests, influence for this style comes directly from Los Angeles. With many of the same characteristics as Federation, this more paired-back style is ideal for extending in a sympathetic style or modern contrast.


If you own a California bungalow-style home in Perth and want to add a second storey or an extension, call Addstyle Master Builders. We can redesign and reimagine your home without sacrificing its eclectic charm. Our design team will work with you to identify the elements you want to change or keep.


Art Deco Renovations

The Art Deco architectural style tells a vibrant story of 1920s style and glamour. Often featuring ornate window styling, curved walls, and detailed tiling in wet areas, Art Deco homes are so alluring.

If you own an Art Deco home in Perth, you’ll likely want to celebrate the existing details that make it so unique while also adding extra space and living areas. Retaining architectural features shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice space or style as your family grows. Here at Addstyle Master Builders, we’ll work with you to extend and renovate your Art Deco home.

Post-war Renovations

After the second world war, between 1945 and 1965, there was a massive jump in the popularity of double-fronted and triple-fronted brick homes in Perth. With the influx of new residents to Australia, the domestic building market grew exponentially. These new post-war houses were designed for a family lifestyle and often featured interconnected living rooms and plenty of windows to let in light.


Addstyle Master Builders will expand the livable space of your post-war home by adding a second storey or an extension. We’ll work with you to ensure your finished post-war home renovation meets your needs. Start by letting our team know what you want.

Mid-Century Modern Renovations

Inspired by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the avant-garde artists of the Bauhaus movement, mid-century modern homes feature clean lines, open plan living, and sophisticated features. The mid-century style emphasises volume, light, and open living spaces that draw the outside in through large windows and glazed doors. Perfect for Perth’s temperate climate and coastal location.


We can improve and extend your Perth mid-century modern home. The Addstyle Master Builder team has years of experience undertaking home renovations in Perth and has the awards and accolades to prove it.

Hamptons Renovations

Inspired by the incredible holiday homes and beachfront estates of the south shore of Long Island in New York, the Hamptons-style suits Perth’s stunning coastal landscape perfectly. Deep verandas and wrap-around porches provide shade from the summer sun, with the traditional timber cladding indicative of this style are now often replaced with contemporary low-maintenance cladding.


Hamptons-style homes are typically beautifully proportioned, detailed, fresh, bright, and breezy, featuring cool blue and white colour schemes. If you want to renovate, extend or add a second storey to your home in the Hamptons style, call us today. We’ll work with you to ensure you maintain the luxurious feel of this timeless style.


Modern/Contemporary Renovations

Often, if you are buying a new home, the style is modern/contemporary. However, the home you buy is likely the manifestation of someone else’s dream, and you might want to renovate or extend it to make it your own. By renovating, developing, or adding a second storey to your contemporary/modern home in Perth, you can change it to suit your lifestyle. Addstyle Master

Builders will work closely with you to help create your dream home.

Choose Addstyle Master Builders for your home renovation or second storey addition in Perth

Addstyle Master Builders is renowned as Perth’s home renovation specialist. Addstyle has undertaken hundreds of heritage home renovations over the past 33 years and is Perth’s most awarded heritage home renovation builder.

With a full-service team of building professionals and a large network of trusted contractors, we are committed to delivering stress-free home renovations on-time, on-budget, and on-brand.

Get in touch to discuss your home renovation and find out why we are Western Australia’s most awarded home renovation builder and designer.

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