How To Avoid Home Renovation Issues

20 Apr 2020

Talk to people who have renovated and before long you will hear a horror story or two.

Most contractors appear to be qualified, experienced and professional, and they seem so helpful at first, but after you sign the contract things can go downhill fast.

Here are just three of the most common issues that can arise:

1. Unrealistic or Non-Compliant Drawings:

Many people believe that the best way to start a home extension building project is to engage a draftsperson or architect to produce tender drawings. Unfortunately this is no guarantee that the project is financially viable or even structurally possible.

When faced with a problem with shire approvals or structural matters, many tender builders will simply throw their hands in the air if there’s a issue with the supplied drawings, and then you’re stuck trying to resolve something you don’t quite understand and didn’t budget for.

2. Budget Blowouts:

When you sign a contract, you assume everything is covered. So you arrange finance accordingly. That’s why it’s so frustrating when your builder suddenly tells you about the extras required to finish your project.

Typical ‘surprise’ charges are for drawing fees, shire approval fees, housing indemnity insurance (compulsory for structural additions), engineering, verge permits, traffic management, temporary toilets for trades, sufficient bins. And these examples are before work has even commenced!

3. Time Delays:

Time delays can be so frustrating, and end up costing you a lot of money. You may be renting elsewhere during your renovation or have furniture in storage. Time delays can be stressful and costly.

Ask around and you’ll discover these things happen ALL THE TIME.

A full-service, professional renovation builder should have a team of in-house draftspeople and professional schedulers, and produce a thorough scope of works that includes EVERYTHING.

Your fixed price contract should be fully-inclusive of all fees, permits and services leaving nothing left to spring on you later. This is why the ‘lowest price’ is very often deceptive.

You do not want to be the person with the latest renovation horror story to share. Research your builder thoroughly.

To assist you with your research we have collated a list of the 10 most important questions you should ask EVERY home renovation builder AND the answers you need to hear. To get a copy of this comprehensive e-book, provide us with the email to send it to HERE.

Addstyle Master Builders is Perth’s most awarded home renovation builder. Offering a complete-service from design & drafting, through approvals, selections-advice and demolition, to construction and beyond. To chat to one of our team about your own renovation project, contact us today.


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