Top Tips For Successful Kitchen Renovation Plan

22 Oct 2018

When it comes to building and renovating, no room in the home demands more consideration and deliberation than the kitchen. While planning a kitchen renovation can be exciting it can also quickly become overwhelming and costs can easily spiral out of control. Over the past 30 years Addstyle has undertaken hundreds of successful Perth kitchen renovations and we list below our top tips for planning the perfect kitchen renovation.



Firstly, determine your general kitchen layout. Will it be a one or two-sided galley style, U-shaped or L-shaped? Carefully consider how you will use the space as these days cooking is just one of a number of activities undertaken in the kitchen. Many families now use their kitchen to congregate at the beginning and end of each day, dine, entertain their friends, and even work. It is now common to see dining spaces and data work stations integrated into the kitchen, and island benches are becoming multi-functional hubs and storage centres.


Sculleries and Butler’s Pantries


Kitchen sculleries and Butler’s pantries have fast become kitchen design staples. A Butler’s pantry will generally be a walk-in-size pantry with a bench top and power for storage of appliances, as well as food. A scullery on the other hand will generally include a sink, dishwasher and a bin and sometimes it will also include full cooking facilities such as a second oven and cook top. The purpose of a scullery is to provide a space for the ‘messy’ activities of the kitchen to be kept out of sight, while the main kitchen space is kept clutter-free for entertaining.


The Kitchen Work Triangle


The kitchen work triangle is a concept that emerged in the nineteen twenties and it remains an important consideration when planning a functional kitchen layout. The concept identifies the three primary work areas in the kitchen as the cooktop/oven, the sink and the fridge, and maintains that the three areas should be laid out in an efficient triangle. Extending on this theory we would recommend that the dishwasher is always located near the sink and a bin is located underneath the main preparation area.




Perhaps the most important advice in planning a kitchen renovation is to try to avoid moving your plumbing. Plumbing can be expensive to relocate, so if you can design your layout with the sink and gas cook top in the same location you will avoid these costly changes.




Consider your appliances: Do you want one or two ovens? Wall, under-bench or freestanding? Do you want an induction or gas cook top? Does your new fridge require plumbing for water/ice? Do you want a built-in coffee maker, steam oven, microwave? There is much to consider. Most importantly, be sure to provide the exact specifications to your cabinet maker prior to manufacture of your cabinetry.


Cabinetry and bench-tops


As with all aspects of building, you get what you pay for with cabinetry. You not only want good quality cabinetry that will withstand constant use and look good for more than a few months, you also want to ensure that it is fitted and finished well. While there are some attractive ready-made products on the market, custom cabinetry that is made-to-measure will provide a superior finish as it will fit the space perfectly, and can also allow for minor discrepancies or irregularities in the existing space. A quality cabinet maker will also provide a good standard of service and warranty if issues arise or re-alignments are required down the track.


As for bench-tops there are many options available these days from laminates, which have improved in quality and variety, to stones, marble, granite, timber and formed concrete. Beware however that not all products are created equal, particularly when it comes to manufactured stones and laminates. Choose a quality manufacturer and installer as some cheaper options may end up costing you later if they crack, scratch, fade or stain easily.


Materials and colours


Your selection of colours and materials will generally be the elements that provide the first and lasting impression. As a general rule it is advisable to work with a neutral palette whether it be monochrome, or greys, or cream and beige tones; and then use accessories and plants to add pops of colour. Use the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and interior design magazines for inspiration or use an interior design service or your builder’s pre-start consultant to assist and advise you. For advice on current Kitchen Trends read the following article by Addstyle’s own in-house pre-start and selections consultant: Top Kitchen Trends for 2018.


Addstyle is Perth’s most awarded home renovation company and has undertaken hundreds of kitchen renovations over the past 30 years. To discuss your own home renovation project with our multi-awarded team, contact us to arrange a complimentary in-home consultation.


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