The Rising Popularity Of Alfresco Area

9 Oct 2017

Dine Out…Without leaving home: Adding an Alfresco Area.

It seems that the humble Patio has been upstaged. Over the past decade the popularity of fully-integrated Alfresco Areas has pushed the traditional Patio towards extinction.

Firstly, what is the difference? Essentially an Alfresco Area is an indoor/outdoor living space that is built under the main roof, whereas a Patio is a structure that is attached to the roof without altering the main roof line. As an Alfresco Area adds to the home’s floor area, it will increase the property’s market value.

Alfresco Areas allow home owners to dine and entertain outdoors all year-round which makes them a perfect fit for the West Australian lifestyle. They can also incorporate outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, fireplaces and hot tubs.

If your home doesn’t include an Alfresco Area, you can add one with minimal disruption in a matter of weeks, and it is certain to add value and lifestyle appeal to your property.

Alfresco Area additions start at around $40,000 including all shire approvals, earthworks and construction costs and take approximately four weeks to complete.

Addstyle Master Builders has designed and constructed hundreds of Alfresco Areas additions to homes over the past 30 years and currently has a special package offer in time for summer. You can add a 4000 x 4000 Alfresco Area, incorporated into the main roof line including an outdoor kitchen with built-in stainless steel BBQ, sink, custom cabinetry and Caesarstone top, as well as a washed aggregate floor and water-resistant ceiling with ceiling fan, for $49,990 (conditions apply).

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