What’s on Trend for Home Renovations in 2020

13 Feb 2020

With a new year comes new style trends, but this year is a little different. we’re not just welcoming a new year, but a new decade. The home renovation styles that defined the 2010s, like Scandi styling, the rattan renaissance, the popularity of house plants and something confusingly called “millennial pink” have inspired a new wave of design trends for the decade to come.

Renovation trends in 2020 are focussed on flexibility and function with flair. Natural adornments and geometric elements are filling spaces that were deliberately left minimal last decade. Hunter green and millennial pink are being painted over with calming neutral tones that highlight creative interior design. And in response to hard-edged design trends of yesteryear, arches and terrazzo are making a big comeback along with sustainable materials like biomaterials and metal cladding.

Get inspired for that “new year, new home” feeling with these top 2020 renovation trends:

Functional Spaces

Modern homes are getting smaller as we become more conscious of our footprint, inspiring home renovators to do more with less space. Flexible multifunctional design – achieved by modular furniture, concealed storage, sliding screens to subtly close off rooms – creates spaces to work, play, relax and live without compromising on mod-cons.

Even bathrooms are becoming more functional as the apartment boom inspires home renovators to focus activity in one place. Ask yourself: how could this space be used better?

Kitchens Designed for The Details

Last decade we saw sinks installed in islands, open plan kitchen-dining, and a rise in outdoor kitchens. 2020 renovation trends are building on the ideas of yesteryear with:

  • Multipurpose islands merging preparation, presentation and casual dining
  • Refaced cabinets championed by wood tones and a healthy dose of calming blue
  • Feature lighting to brighten up the space
  • Natural materials like wooden beams and indoor plants to celebrate Australia’s natural splendour
  • Bright, bold splashbacks replacing plain white or glass

Curves Are Beautiful In-Home Renovations

Arches and soft curves are making their way into renovations in answer to the straight angles and hard lines of the 2010s. Combining an appreciation for nature and nostalgia, this 2020 renovation trend will introduce softness into Aussie homes.

As technology and materials advance, curved walls and large arched windows will also start to feature in more home renovation design. At Addstyle we’re always looking for a challenge, so give us a call when other home renovation builders say they can’t build a curved wall.

Terrazzo is Trending

Terrazzo is not new; in fact, it’s been around since the early 18th century. But as home renovations move away from minimalism to embrace a kind of manicured vibrance, terrazzo is back in a big way. Colours and patterns are big and bold, perfect for use in kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, bathrooms, and feature tiles.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Most people don’t get enough nature in their day, so bringing it inside helps to keep us healthy and happy. Earthy tones, raw timber beams, oversized houseplants, an abundance of natural light: these are all part of the 2020 renovation trend labelled as biophilic design. Home renovations are introducing biomaterials in place of composites and plastics for places that are more pleasant to look at and more sustainable to live in.

Metal Cladding

It might seem like a paradox to include nature and metal in the same list of trends, but there is a good reason for it. Metal cladding balances perfectly with biomaterials for an aesthetic that blends the Aussie bush and inner-city living. Zinc, copper and steel are replacing brickwork as we seek out more sustainable ways to build for our harsh climate.

Neutral Colours and Bold Furnishings

Be bold in 2020. Embrace the interior design trend of velvet and retro furniture, hang artwork wherever you want, use geometric patterns to accentuate previously blank spaces, cram bookshelves full of your favourite knick-knacks and show off your personal flair. The key is balance: walls painted in neutral tones like blue, orange, coral and green will help to show off your inner stylist without overloading the oculars.

Get on trend with Addstyle Master Builders

Addstyle are Perth’s remodelling specialists, transforming living spaces with innovative modern home renovations. From bathroom makeovers to granny flats, and second storey additions to alfresco additions, we are here to help you embrace 2020’s home renovation trends with high quality work guaranteed to last the years.

Get in touch to discuss your renovation vision and find out for yourself why we are Western Australia’s most awarded home renovation builder and designer.

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