The Popularity of Outdoor Kitchens and Why Every Perth Home Needs One

1 Jan 2015

No one wants to settle for the simple four-burner BBQ on wheels anymore; outdoor kitchens are the new must-have addition to the outdoor entertaining space, and they are getting bigger, sleeker and more elaborate. An outdoor kitchen can be an attractive, useful and value-adding addition to almost any home.

Bringing the indoors outside

Outdoor kitchens are a natural extension of the modern tendency to increasingly integrate indoor and outdoor areas. They begin with a high-end barbecue, but are much more than that, incorporating stone bench tops, sinks, custom cabinetry, drinks fridges, wood-fired pizza ovens, and even dishwashers.

Extra perks

Outdoor kitchens can make dining and entertaining in alfresco areas even more enjoyable, as food preparation and eating can be done in the one location, without the need for the household cook or host to be hidden away inside, separated from everyone else.

Outdoor kitchens are perfectly suited to Perth’s stable, sunny climate and for those concerned about getting chilly in the cooler months, there is always the option to install an outdoor gas or bio-ethanol fireplace, to make your outdoor room a year-round room.

Lifestyle addition

‘I already have a kitchen’, you say. ‘Isn’t another kitchen a reckless extravagance’? Well, it’s true that an outdoor kitchen is not a strict necessity by any means, but then having a stove top probably never stopped you from buying a barbecue.

It’s a lifestyle addition, and one that can have a huge impact on how you use your home, inside and out.

What’s more, an outdoor kitchen can add value to your property. It’s a wise investment, both for yourself, your family and your home.

Addstyle Master Builders can incorporate a stunning outdoor kitchen into your new Alfresco Area or Balcony. Contact us today to discuss your ideas with our award-winning design team.


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