The Benefits of Renovating Heritage Homes

17 Sep 2018

Heritage Homes


Heritage homes or ‘character homes’ as they are more broadly known, are highly sought-after properties due to their unique charm and limited availability. Souring ceilings, feature moldings, tall skirting boards and jarrah floorboards are just a few of the timeless characteristics that attract buyers to these homes of a bygone era.


Other period features that attract homebuyers to heritage homes include grand entries and hallways, lead-light glass windows and doors, fireplaces, feature architraves, cornices and ceiling roses, picture rails and tuck-pointed brickwork. Such homes showcase craftsmanship and attention to detail that is rarely seen in modern construction.


Heritage homes also tend to defy market downturns as demand is generally consistent due to limited stock. If well maintained, they represent an ideal property investment.


Challenges in Remodeling a Heritage Home


The decision to restore and renovate a character home requires significant research and expert advice. The cost of restoration and renovation is often higher with character homes than with modern construction, as the original structure may need to be upgraded to meet modern building codes and regulations. There is also often the hidden cost of removing hazardous material such as asbestos, that was used in the original construction.


While the features of a heritage home are attractive, the layout is often unsuited to today’s lifestyle. Isolated kitchens and a general lack of living space are the most common concerns.


A thoughtfully designed renovation will integrate the old with the new and create a modern home that is respectful of its heritage. Finding the right balance is not as easy as it may sound and therefore it is advisable to seek the help of an experienced designer with a speciality in heritage home renovation.


If the home is officially heritage listed or located in a heritage precinct, there will be very strict regulations as to how it can be renovated, and the local authority will usually dictate the colour palette and materials that must be used. The local council will engage a heritage consultant to assess your application which may require a detailed design justification outlining how each of the heritage requirements have been considered and reflected in the project.


Heritage Home Perth Restoration Benefits


Restoring and renovating a heritage home is the ultimate in urban upcycling. If the renovation is executed well, it should provide an excellent return on investment. Construction short-cuts can completely undermine the finished product and make resale difficult. Careful consideration should be given to the consistency of floor and ceiling heights, as well as joinery. Above all you must ensure that workmanship is to a quality standard, reflective of the passion and care that was invested into the original home.


A well-executed heritage house renovation, will provide you with a beautiful home that is the envy of many.


Addstyle Master Builders is renowned as Perth’s heritage and character home specialist. Addstyle has undertaken hundreds of heritage home renovations over the past 30 years and is Perth’s most awarded heritage home renovation builder. To discuss your own requirement, contact Addstyle for a complimentary consultation.


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