How To Avoid The Most Common Renovator Mistakes

13 Dec 2017

1. They believe what they see on TV.

Quite simply, reality television renovations shows are unrealistic. The construction time-frames and project costs can be misleading for DIY home renovators. Shire approvals and much of the construction work has been completed in advance, and short-cuts are taken which unfortunately undermine the quality of the finish (you don’t see many close-ups of tiling for example). Suppliers also offer products at vastly reduced prices as the program is an advertorial for their wares.

2. They don’t get the necessary building permits.

There are a number of permits and approvals that are compulsory for renovation works, and failure to obtain them can result in large fines and significant delays, or worse still,  legal action after resale.

As a general guide any renovation and/or home extension projects that involve a structural element such as moving a wall or window, require planning/development approval as well a building permit from the local council or shire. It is also likely that you will need a verge permit if you intend to store materials or a site bin on the verge. Many councils also require tree protection and permits. Rangers constantly monitor their local area and report any evidence of building work to the council, who will investigate further.

3. They trust trades that they find in the paper/online.

Genuinely good quality trades rarely need to advertise, as they are consistently booked by building companies. If you are searching for a trade from a website or newspaper advertisement ensure you reference check thoroughly and beware of any quote that is significantly cheaper than others.

4. They don’t anticipate or understand issues.

Renovation is a highly specialised category of building. You need to have a good understanding of the original construction in order to anticipate and allow for issues, prior to commencing the new work. Small alterations can unearth significant issues and add thousands of dollars to a project.

5. They underestimate cost.

Generally renovation costs are higher than new home construction, as a seemingly simple and straight forward alteration can be more complex than it first appears. Removing an internal wall for example, may require engineering and structural beams, which in turn will mean new ceilings, cornices and re-plastering of entire walls to the nearest corner. Rates for trades are also higher as the work is more complicated and multiple visits are generally required. A bricklayer working on a new home construction will generally charge a ‘per brick’ rate, however brickwork in a renovation can be complex and time consuming and therefore the rate is often calculated on a project basis.


A specialist renovation builder such as Addstyle Master Builders can take the risk out of renovation by providing renovation expertise for a fixed cost. The project will be undertaken by genuinely experienced tradespeople under the supervision of qualified building professionals and constructed to an efficient building programme. Contact Addstyle for a complimentary consultation regarding your home renovation project.

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