Building Up – Taking Your Home to the Next Level

22 Apr 2020

As families grow they often start t find their homes bursting at the seams. When Perth families run out of room at home there are 3 choices: move, rebuild, or extend.

Assuming you have already settled the ‘moving’ debate and decided to renovate instead of build, it’s time to consider the pros and cons of home additions. In this article we are focusing on second storey additions.

Why build up?

Adding a second storey can seem daunting. Will it blend well with the ground floor? Where will the stairs go? Will it increase the property value? To make the right choice for you and your family, it’s important to understand the benefits of second storey additions.

Maximise backyard space

Australian blocks are getting smaller as our population rises and density becomes more accepted. Adding a second storey expands your living space – sometimes even doubles it – without encroaching on backyard space.

Add value to your home

If executed well, second storey additions increase the resale value of your home. While you can make the same argument for a high quality home extension, a two-storey home has a greater street presence and retains the full sized backyard.

Capitalise on views

Perth is known for world-class sunsets and stunning nature. Adding a second storey is a great way to exploit potential views, whether they be of water, the city, or even the treetops. Imagine your family sitting on the balcony on a summer afternoon, watching the sun slowly sink – do you need any more convincing?

Is a second storey addition suitable?

Before committing to adding an upper floor there are a few rules and regulations to consider. Firstly, you will need council approval, and then there are technical questions about your current home. A few of the important details to consider include:

  • Council zoning regulations which can impact building height and street scape;
  • Existing structure – will it need additional engineering to hold the second storey?
  • Character and heritage homes – Are often imperfect and require the experience and expertise of a period home specialist;
  • Balance – Careful consideration of the shape and height of the addition. You don’t want the ‘box-on-a-roof’ finish, rather you want something seamless;
  • How the existing floor plan will be impacted;
  • Whether you can stay in the house during the renovation

The good news is the team at Addstyle Master Builders can help you navigate the design and approval requirements to take the stress out of adding a second storey. In most cases you can stay in the house while our team works around your lifestyle with minimal disruption.

From the archives: Here are 5 more things you should consider when adding a second storey.

Cost of adding a second storey

Cost is obviously a significant factor in second storey additions. It’s important to build within your budget while creating an addition that makes room for your family to grow, live, work, relax and play.

Addstyle Master Builders create modern double-framed or brick-veneer second storey additions with bedrooms, bathrooms and living space from around $220,000.

Of course, the final price will depend on the project specifics such as the level of finish (aluminium or timber window frames, tiling heights, floor-base material), any extra features and considerations of the ground floor house. The best way to get an firm cost indication for your own home is to contact our design team for a complimentary consultation.

Addstyle Master Builders: Perth’s second storey experts

We have been raising the standards of second storey additions in Perth for more than 30 years. At Addstyle, we believe that building up is the ideal solution to get more living space, especially where a narrow block or non-negotiable backyard means you can’t extend out.

Browse our project gallery to see some of our recent second-storey additions. When you’re ready to elevate your lifestyle, contact our team or book a consultation using the form on our website.

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