Torn Between Building or Renovating Home?

20 Jun 2019

Trying to decide between renovating or building? You are not alone; we have this conversation with Perth families often.

Especially for growing families the choice to build a bigger house or extend the family home is a big decision.

There are a lot of factors to consider but ultimately you should weigh up what is best for the people living in the house: your family.


Location, Location, Location

Empty blocks close to Perth CBD or popular coastal spots are hard to come by. Choosing to build will usually mean moving to a different suburb further out from the city, or away from your favourite beach, or alternatively going to the significant expense of demolishing an existing house at your chosen location.

There are schools, neighbours, parks, safety factors and the length of the morning commute to consider. Location has a big influence on lifestyle so is always a consideration for building vs renovating in Perth. If you love where you live but your home is no longer fit for purpose a modern extension might be the ideal solution.


Block Size

New housing estates are an attractive option for many Perth families however block sizes in new developments these days are very small, with little yard space. If you’re not willing to give up your front or backyard but need an extra bedroom accommodation, then adding a second storey might be the best option. Alternatively purchasing an established home on a larger block and adding a ground floor extension may provide the solution you’re looking for.



Building a new home requires a large outlay and advertised new home prices fail to include some significant extra costs, such as site works. Using the existing ‘bones’ of the home as a base for a whole home renovation can essentially provide you a ‘new’ home a a much reduced cost. Further, if you do not need to renovate your entire home at once, you can choose to ‘stage’ the project in order to manage your budget. We will work to your schedule and budget for a stress-free renovation project.


Hidden Costs of Moving

When building a home from scratch you must also consider the hidden costs. There is rent or a mortgage for at least 12 months over the duration of the build, as well as stamp duty on the block, realestate fees on the home you’re leaving, as well as removalist costs at least once during the process. This can quickly add up to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in dead money.


Character Home Renovations

New builds are comfortable, modern and clean. For some tastes that is ideal but for others the detail and character is what makes a house, their home.

Addstyle Master Builders are Perth’s premier character home renovation company. We have three decades of experience preserving the character features in Perth home renovations with modern extensions that complement the home’s existing charm.


Think Long-Term

It’s no secret the Perth property market has dipped significantly in recent years so moving to a new house now will mean selling in a downturn.

Renovations add long-term value to your home. It might be hard to visualise an empty nest when your family is growing, but renovations now will mean a more attractive sale price down the line when you are ready to downsize.


Your Choice, Your Renovation Company

Addstyle Master Builders is a family-owned boutique builder; the importance of family comfort is at the heart of every renovation project we undertake. For families wondering whether to build or renovate, Addstyle can offer advice on the best solution for your unique situation.

Contact our team for personalised advice to help you decide today.

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