The Benefits and Simple Process of Expanding Your Home

10 May 2018

A home extension will not only increase the size of your home, it should also personalise your space, improve your lifestyle, and increase your property value.Whether you are a growing family, or simply wish to increase the footprint of your home, the process of undertaking a home extension should be both an uncomplicated and exciting experience.

Be Clear About Your Objectives

Spend some time carefully considering your overall objectives so that you have a good brief for your designer. It is a good idea to write out a list of all the components you would like to add such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living space, kitchen, butler’s pantry, alfresco area, etc. as well as including any finishings you desire, such as bi-fold doors, timber joinery, full height tiling, stone or laminates, appliances etc.

Next, you should order the list by priority. If you are building to a budget, as most people are, a well-informed designer will then attempt to give you as much on the list as they can within your budget.

Consider Your Project Budget

Many people are reluctant to disclose their project budget initially, however it really is in your best interests to do so. Rest assured that reputable and well-established building companies will all be working from similar margins and will want to give you the most competitive price possible in order to win your project. If you are upfront about your budget, your designer can then consider it during the design process and give you some realistic advice and guidance to help you achieve as much of your wish list as possible.

That said, it is vitally important that your designer has a good handle on current building costs and particularly ‘renovation building costs’ which are generally higher than new construction due to the complexity and the preparation work required prior to actual construction. A building designer or ‘design and build’ company will generally have a more realistic understanding of costs than a design-only firm that is not involved in construction directly.

The Renovation Process

Once your design has been finalised and your building contract confirmed, it is time for pre-start selections and shire approvals. A full-service renovation company will look after all of this for you. They will prepare full working drawings and liaise with the local authorities to secure all the required permits, and where necessary they will also prepare justifications and lobby council for any special considerations. A pre-start consultant will advise you on finishings and guide you in your selections of materials and colours.

Once all permits are in place and selections are finslised, the construction team will takeover. A reputable builder will install property protection between the areas of the existing home that are remaining, and the area of new construction. They will then send in a demolition team to carefully remove any unneeded structure and prepare the home for the new extension. In many cases, a simple house extension can be undertaken behind temporary walls, while you remain in the existing home, with minimal disruption.

Contact Us

Finding the right company to manage your home extension is imperative to a good experience. Look for a company with a proven track record of quality construction and good customer service that is well established in the market. Addstyle is WA’s most awarded home renovation and extension builder and has been servicing the Perth market for over 30 years. Addstyle is a full-service, design and build renovation company that will manage your entire project from conception to handover.

Contact Addstyle today to arrange a complimentary home extension consultation.

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