5 Tips For A Stress-Free Home Renovations

3 Apr 2019

1. You will become the envy of your neighbours

With a fresh internal update, the addition of some added space, or a facelift giving improved street appeal, you’re set to have the most Instagram-worthy house on the street. Your neighbours may become seriously jealous as your home makes theirs appear completely inferior in comparison. You may need to invite them all around for a neighborhood BBQ to make it up to them: BYO compliments.

2. You may become a homebody

With a fabulous ‘new’ home to spend your time in, you will never want to leave. Swap restaurants for dining from your stunning new kitchen, binge Netflix in your spacious Home Theatre, or laze the day away in the year-round comfort of your new Alfresco Area. Your friends may send out a missing persons alert!

3. You will entertain more at home

Once complete, all your friends and family will want to come and check out your renovation, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to entertain and perhaps show off just a little bit. Whether you’re looking to extend your living areas or to add a balcony addition to take in some great views, you will find yourself being ‘host with the most’.

4. You will become a home décor enthusiast

With inspiration available on every platform from Pinterest, Instagram and blogs, to renovation shows, home catalogues and interior design sites, you are sure to become a master home décor enthusiast. With so much knowledge available at your fingertips you may find a new passion or even a new career.

5. You will declutter and de-stress

Whether it’s your children’s bikes that have been sitting in the garage for 10 years, kitchen pantry clutter or the black hole that is your Walk in Robe, a home renovation gives you the perfect opportunity to  declutter and remove all those unnecessary items from your life. Go the full Marie Kondo and you will not only declutter your home, but in the process your soul will feel lighter too. 🙂

However, BEWARE POTENTIAL RENOVATORS: As a poorly renovated home will not improve your life, it can waste your money and cause more stress than benefit – Those beautiful Italian tiles you selected will loose their wow factor if poorly laid, your cabinetry won’t look good for long if cheaply manufactured and you will be up for a fight getting substandard trades to return to correct poor workmanship.

You can avoid the stress and enjoy the process if you choose a professional renovation company to manage your project for you. Select a team who has the experience, expertise and resources to undertake the job efficiently, professionally and provide good overall value.

Addstyle Master Builders has undertaken hundreds of beautiful renovations over the past 30 years. From kitchen and bathroom remodels, to alfresco area and carport additions, and large scale home extensions and second storey additions. With a full team of building professionals including an in-house architect, interiors consultant and WA’s most awarded renovation construction team, Addstyle is the premier choice in home renovation builders Perth.

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