Home Design Trends In 2022

24 Jan 2022

Throughout the global pandemic, there’s been a significant change in people’s behaviour, with a general shift towards nurturing, comfort and calm. And, as the world pivoted to a work-from-home environment and developed a growing aversion to fast fashion, we’ve noticed a move away from cheap, mass-produced homewares and furniture. People are seeking to create a relaxing space to live, surrounding themselves with high-quality items, and investing in vintage pieces. 


We predict 2022 will continue this movement towards sustainability and conscious living, and the interior design trends will reflect this.


Read on to learn more about 2022s interior design trends.


1. Seeking connection to Nature

More than ever, we see a need for connection to Nature and the outdoors. Next year this will take shape in natural timber finishes and furnishings taking precedence over artificial or synthetic finishes.

Expect wet areas (kitchen, bathroom, and laundry spaces) to adopt raw timber, stone, and concrete finishes. We’re predicting a subtle merge of retro, natural, and zen elements in 2022, creating unique residential spaces. 


2. Earthy colourways

Colour trends for 2022 will reflect the nature connection with shades favouring muted and olive greens, earthy yellows, and clay browns. Expect darker timber colours to make a comeback.


3. Handmade objects

Soft linens, textured walls, and handmade ceramics add comfort, simplicity, and joy to the home environment. Handcrafted items connect us and make us feel comfortable in our homes. Stark modern home extensions or renovations will be softened by the addition of a few well-placed handmade objects, giving your home character and ambience.


4. Geometric Lines

We expect to see many home extensions and dream home renovations to include clean lines in their design. 2022 will see a shift towards geometric design and symmetry in tiling, both indoors and outside. Your experienced residential luxury home builder can help you include geometry in your home extension idea.


5. Gentle Curves

Soft, rounded shapes help balance the geometric designs mentioned above. Curved elements will help frame furniture, cabinetry, and feature walls, to create exciting aspects to your home extension design. Timber lends itself to creating curves. 


Stay on trend with Addstyle Master Builders

Addstyle are Perth’s most award-winning home renovation specialists. We transform residential living spaces with innovative, modern home extension ideas in Perth, Australia. From full-home makeovers to second storey additions or alfresco area renovations, we’re here to help you embrace 2022’s interior design trends with high-quality work guaranteed to last. 


Get in touch to discuss your renovation vision and find out for yourself why we are Western Australia’s most awarded home renovation builder and designer.

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