The Renovation Process

26 Jun 2024

By Simon Pullen, Registered Builder and Senior Design Consultant at Addstyle Master Builders

In-Home Consultation

Our renovation process begins with a personalised in-home consultation. We make an appointment to visit you and discuss your specific needs and vision for your renovation. Every project we undertake is unique, tailored to each client’s individual preferences and requirements.

Design Development Meeting

A few weeks after the initial consultation, we invite you to our office. During this design development meeting, we present a conceptual 3D render of your project. Our detailed specifications cover all aspects of the design, including materials, ceiling heights, types of joinery, cabinets, fixtures, and fittings. At this stage, we also provide a firm cost estimate for your project. If you’re satisfied with the proposal, we proceed to formalise the agreement and prepare a fixed price contract.

Fixed Price Contract

Once the contract is in place, we take care of all working drawings and consult with independent engineers. We also manage the entire council approval process, ensuring that everything complies with local regulations.

Interior Design Consultation

To ensure that every aspect of your renovation reflects your unique style, we offer a comprehensive interior design service. Our team works closely with you to make sure that the final design meets your expectations and achieves the desired outcome.


In the pre-start phase, we finalise the remaining details, such as fixtures, fittings, and taps. After receiving council approval, we typically commence on-site work within 20 working days.

Construction Begins

We understand that your home is your sanctuary, and while we may temporarily intrude into your space, our goal is to enhance and improve it in the long run. Our team is dedicated to delivering a seamless renovation experience, transforming your space into something truly special.

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