How to Create A Styling Plan For Your Home Renovation

16 Apr 2021

Creating a well-designed home takes time, effort, and thought. When you are considering renovating or extending your home, a styling plan is a great place to start.

Also known as a ‘mood board’, a styling plan allows you to collate all the design elements you like in one place for easy reference. This helps brief your home renovation designer by giving them a clearer idea of your likes and dislikes, so that your finished design is true reflection of your individual personality and style.

Read on to learn more about creating a styling plan for your home renovation or home extension project.

What is a styling plan?

A styling plan is a collection of designs, colours, materials, and furniture ideas to help you finetune and prioritise your desired home renovation look and feel. Perhaps you’re looking for a Hamptons style, modern-architectural, or federation character.

When faced with the possibility of dramatically changing the layout of your home through a renovation or the adding a second storey extension, choosing what you want can be overwhelming. Stay focused by creating a styling plan to narrow your options to colours and styles to fit your desired aesthetic.

Articulate your personal style

Whether you create a plan by yourself or by working with an experienced designer, a styling plan can help keep your project on track and allow your personal style to shine through. The plan will keep you focused on your aims for each room and help you create a cohesive theme and aesthetic for your home extension. Creating a coherent look involves looking beyond wall colour or furniture, including accessories and hardware. These details can change the look and feel of a room completely. For example, ultra-modern door hardware may look out of place in a heritage-style home renovation. 

What are your must-haves?

Make sure you have included must-have, non-negotiable elements in your style plan, and be sure to talk in-depth about these with your builder. Let them know what areas are flexible (e.g., making a butler’s pantry slightly smaller so you can have a larger laundry) and what elements are essential.

How to get started

They are so many fantastic tools available to help you get started, but Pinterest is a good place to start.

Pinterest styling plans

There are over 100 billion Pins on Pinterest, which means if there is a style you like, there will be a board pinned with hundreds of ideas. Choose a look (Hamptons, Heritage, Modern) and start searching for inspiration. Think of Pinterest as a catalogue of ideas just waiting for you to sort through. Try creating styling plans for each room in your house, saving the ideas that appeal most. Once you have a collection, meet with your home extension builder in Perth and talk through your ideas.

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