Five Steps to Renovation Success

Renovation Success

Home renovating should be an exciting journey, but unfortunately, projects can go awry if proper planning and professionalism are not adopted from the very beginning. So before you start packing boxes to get ready for your renovation please sit down and read the following tips to ensure your home remodel is a success and not a stress.

1 – Building Approvals

All structural changes to a home valued at over $20,000 require a building permit before any work can commence. Proceeding without one will not only place you in danger of a hefty fine and the threat of having to dismantle the works,  but can also leave you legally vulnerable when you on-sell the house down the track. A specialist renovation company will have a thorough understanding of the local R Codes and Building Codes and will handle all the necessary submissions and [if necessary] lobbying, to gain the appropriate approvals on your behalf.

2 – Effective Planning

An effective design has a practical layout AND a cost efficient one. A professional design and build renovation company should not only have the design expertise to create a practical and attractive renovation plan for you, but importantly, they will also have a realistic and up-to-date understanding of building costs. Unfortunately many independent architects and drafts-people do not have a handle on current trade rates and material costs and as a result many homeowners see their design budgets blow out.

3 – Smart Budgeting

It is important to be realistic about the full cost of a renovation and allow for finishings such as flooring, painting and furnishing, as well as the cost of construction. That said, if you’re on a strict budget your money is best invested in the construction, as you can always delay some finishings until a little later. If your budget is limited you can even talk to your renovation builder about pre-plumbing wet areas, such as leaving one bathroom to finish later. Always invest your money in quality construction, as a cheaper, low quality build will come back to haunt you down the track and end up costing you more regardless.

4 – Indulge yourself 

Every renovation project should have at least one special indulgence. Invest in a designer light fitting, marble benchtops, a beautiful free-standing bath tub or retractable plasma screen; whatever special item that you’ve been dreaming of. One indulgent, quality investment can give your whole home ‘wow’ factor.

5 – Site Supervision

Expert and close building supervision is critical to a quality renovation. It will also make the journey far more enjoyable for you. A reputable renovation builder will allocate you an experienced and qualified, building supervisor to manage your project and visit the works every day, to ensure that the project is progressing well and workmanship is to a high quality. Whomever you engage ensure that they are only managing a small number of other projects at the same time, so they can dedicate sufficient time to yours every day.


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