Granny Flats Add Value To Your Property

5 Oct 2018

Enhance Your Perth Property with a Quality-Built Granny Flat

Recent changes to local planning legislation have made it easier than ever for homeowners to add value to their property by adding ancillary accommodation without having to contend with too many restrictions and red tape. The result has created a boom in custom granny flats.

Granny Flats Are no longer just for Grandparents

Traditionally, granny flats provided families with an ideal solution when grandparents need to move closer to the extended family. A self-contained dwelling on the property allows elderly family members to remain close enough for comfort and security, whilst still enjoying a satisfying level of privacy and autonomy.

However, there are plenty of other reasons to consider adding ancillary accommodation to your property and who else would benefit to it.

As property prices remain high around Australia, it has become increasingly difficult for our young adults to enter the property market. As a result many families are searching for solutions to cater for co-habitation as these young adults live at home for longer. An independent on-site dwelling offers adult children the opportunity to live in relative privacy whilst establishing themselves and saving up that extra money needed for a down payment.

Granny flats can also be used to add detached multi-purpose studios to properties or to create indoor-outdoor spaces such as pool houses. And with the increase in work-from-home professionals found in Perth, we’re also seeing many homeowners set up on-site offices that allow them to leave home without physically leaving the property when they report to work each day.

Finally, adding a granny flat to your property can even provide a sound investment opportunity. As a self-contained dwelling, a detached home on your property could bring in a significant weekly rental income. Adding on to your property to increase its value is even easier to justify when you’re confident that you’ll start seeing returns on your investment immediately – and not just on that distant day of sale.  

Finding a Team You Can Trust to Construct Your Granny Flat


If you’re considering improving your existing property in Perth, then you’re certainly not alone. House additions and extensions provide homeowners with a practical and highly affordable means of expanding their living area whilst adding bricks-and-mortar value to their property without the need to move or purchase new land.

However, it’s worth noting that those same relaxed regulations that have made it easier to add a granny flat to your property also come with a few challenges. First of all, there are plenty of builders in the market who use compromised building materials and methods to provide a seemingly cheap product. Unfortunately, as with any area of building, you get what you pay for. At Addstyle we use only quality construction methods and materials to provide a finish that not only looks great but will continue to look great for many years to come. And the best news is that we can provide this for a very competitive price and in comparable construction time frame.

Addstyle Master Builders has worked in the Perth and the surrounding area for three decades now, and in that amount of time, we’ve developed a reputation for the quality and reliability of our work. When you commission Addstyle for home extensions and property improvements, you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of Western Australia’s most experienced and awarded home improvement team.

We Supply Our Clients with Custom Granny Flats

A quick survey of new construction in Perth reveals that many builders prefer one-size-fits-all solutions. But at Addstyle, we prioritise the specific needs and desires of our clients. When you engage Addstyle to build a granny flat on your property, we’ll see to it that the final structure is perfectly suited to your property as well as to your own design sensibilities.

Every project we undertake is unique, but each begins with an in-depth consultation with the client. We’ll work hard to understand your needs and expectations – as well as how you plan to use this new addition to your property. As a result, we’re able to deliver truly customised solutions that blend with existing architecture and stand the test of time.

Take a look at our project gallery for an idea of the calibre of work we carry out in Perth and greater WA. And if you have any questions about our design-and-build process or the possibility of building a granny flat on your property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  


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