Kitchen Design Trends in 2019

24 Jan 2019

2019 has arrived and the growth in Perth home renovation is showing no signs of slowing. The Addstyle home renovations team is busier than ever assisting Perth and south-west WA homeowners bring their kitchen remodeling dreams to life. Here is a list of 10 kitchen renovation trends that we are predicting will gain popularity over the coming year.

1. Modern Bistro/Café style Kitchens.

2019 will see trends continue to move toward a bistro kitchen design allowing the café-style ‘lets meet up for coffee’ experience within the home. Big island benches to congregate around, with feature pendants lighting make the space inviting and enjoyable to social in. People are also more coffee savvy than ever before and as a result we are seeing more high-tech, semi-professional coffee machines being incorporated into the kitchen, allowing the average person to enjoy the Caffe Latte experience at home.

2. Free standing cookers are back!
Make a statement in the kitchen with a ‘ Multi-functional Freestanding Cooker’ Gas, Electric, Induction…..The sky is the limit these days with affordability and ease of function being the all-important key.  These upright cookers allow anyone to feel like a gourmet master chef in their own home.  Paired with multi-functional smart app technology, a freestanding cooker can be the jewel in the crown of any new Kitchen.

3. Office Hub // Work Station

With the Kitchen being the centre of the home, we now utilise the space not only for cooking but for dining, gathering with family and friends, and also as the home office and children’s homework space. We are seeing an increased need for that all important office hub integrated into a kitchen. An area that allows a multi-functional environment whilst being able to oversee the family in those busy times in the home. A must have is a charger station with USB ports and wireless chargers to accommodate the whole family’s needs.

4. Digital technology // Into the Future

The modern kitchen in 2019 will see more use of integrated technology with appliances controlled from apps on our smart phones or by voice command. The smart fridge for instance, allows the user to not only access and control appliance settings but also to access the built-in cameras remotely to see what is inside the refrigerator, making grocery shopping that much easier. Another trend we see for 2019 is the use of built in wine preservation and dispensing systems for the at home sommelier, for instance the Quatro from Wine Motion.

5. Matte Black // Matte is Back

Continuing its ascent in 2019 is ‘Matte Black’.  In previous years we have seen matte black plumbing fittings gain popularity in the wet areas and this has now grown to include lighting fixtures, furniture and appliances. The smooth finish combined with the black/charcoal tones often contrast well with kitchens of a lighter colour scheme. Inclusively the colours also flow well with darker, more natural tones to provide a sleek and sophisticated look.

6. Greenery // Flora or Vegetation

With renewed focus on health and wellbeing, an indoor herb garden can bring a touch of vitality to the kitchen. The benefit is having health only a step away and also adding warmth to the overall feel. The low/no maintenance alternative is the use of artificial plants and the quality and availability of faux-greenery has improved significantly. Greenery allows individual style and personality into the space, and is paired well this year with with stone pots or jute baskets. Check out the extensive range at Freedom

7. Butlers Pantry or Floor to Ceiling Cabinets // Say goodbye to clutter

Butlers pantries have been a consistent style choice for the past few years, with the ability to reduce the appearance of bulky appliances on the kitchen countertops and create additional space for storage without cluttering the kitchen. But what to do if you don’t have the excess space for a butlers pantry? The answer is floor to ceiling cabinets; not only can they create a timeless look for your kitchen but they also provide the benefits of a butlers pantry without intruding too greatly on your kitchen space.  The streamline look is on trend with cabinet handles, out and ‘Push to Open’ with finger grip openers, in.

8. Stone Concrete Splashback

The days of the glass splashbacks are now making way for the new stone concrete look, which blend seamlessly with the kitchen countertops. Subway tiles are also proving timelessly on-trend.

9. Underfloor Heating // Heating the Hearth
With kitchens being the heart of the modern home it is only fitting to make it warm and inviting. With underfloor heating more economical in 2019 than ever before and worth possible consideration when planning the kitchen renovation. A handy tip is to do your research with your chosen flooring as some materials are more conductive and offer better heat retention.

10. Metallics
Metallic accents continue to trend, with Gold being the front runner in 2019. Think tap-ware, lighting and accessories to bring warmth and tone to a neutral kitchen palette.

Choose the best Perth kitchen renovation company

Finding the right renovation company to manage your kitchen renovation is imperative to a good experience. Look for a company with a proven track record of quality construction and experience with kitchen design that is well established in the market. Addstyle is WA’s most awarded home renovation and extension builder and has been servicing the Perth market for over 30 years. Addstyle is a full-service, design and build home renovation company with a full team of experts to manage your entire project from conception to handover.

Contact Addstyle today to arrange a complimentary home extension consultation.

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