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Renovating Your Outdoor Area For Summer

Renovating Your Outdoor Area For Summer

Warmer weather and longer days mean summer is just around the corner. Summer in Perth is a time for entertaining, getting together outside and enjoying the long afternoons.

As the days get warmer life in our sunny state moves from living rooms to alfresco areas.

Whether it’s a neighbourly get-together, reclining with a good book, or a meal with the extended family, it’s around this time of year the blinds are rolled up and outdoor furniture dusted off for another year.

If you find yourself looking wistfully out your window wishing for a revamped alfresco area, then you’re not alone. Spring is the perfect time to consider an outdoor renovation in Perth.

There are so many benefits for adding an outdoor area, from increased home value through to extra space for growing families to live comfortably.

Getting your alfresco area in shape before truly arrives means you will be ready to entertain, relax or just live in modern comfort.

Here’s our ultimate guide to outdoor renovations Perth families will love living in.


Practical Tips To Get Started

Set a budget for the outdoor renovation

If you’ve tried Googling “how much does an alfresco area renovation cost” then you might already know there is no hard and fast rule here. The main things to consider when setting a budget are:

  • Construction and landscaping
  • Roofing
  • Features and fixtures (e.g. outdoor kitchen, lighting)
  • Finishing (e.g. decking, paving, rendering)
  • Furniture and atmosphere

Don’t worry if you are still in the dark about how much you need to squirrel away. We are happy to provide a complimentary consultation to help you get the right information.

You may be surprised at just how affordable outdoor renovations in Perth are when you work with an experienced locally owned company like Addstyle Master Builders.

How will you use the alfresco area?

One of the biggest benefits of an alfresco area is its versatility. Think ahead a little here and try to picture your future life with the addition of an outdoor area.

What do you see? Are you hosting a sundowner? Playing with nieces and nephews by the pool? Cooking a BBQ feast for the neighbours? Opening the sliding doors to create a flexible indoor/outdoor living room?

Likewise, think about WHO the alfresco area is for. Many Perth outdoor renovations create a space with two or more functions in mind, perfect for sociable families or year-round outdoor living shielded from the elements.

Consider the afternoon sun

An alfresco renovation is the perfect time to capture the afternoon sun in just the right way. You may want to be shaded from the full force of the hot summer sun but capitalise on the last rays in winter to keep you warm.

With a bit of clever planning, Perth’s best alfresco area design and construction team can give you the best of both worlds.

Outdoor kitchen

Alfresco cooking ranges from a small mobile BBQ to a full-fledged outdoor kitchen with plumbing, a pizza oven and of course a beer fridge in easy reach.

Enclosed or semi-enclosed alfresco areas can be used all year round for cooking and dining, so why not consider adding functional features like a built-in BBQ and prep area or get creative and work in a woodfired pizza oven for the ultimate in outdoor entertaining.

Or if you’re not committed to outdoor cooking, you could consider adding a servery window between the kitchen and alfresco area for easy entertaining.

Functional furniture

Gone are the days of bulky plastic furniture and uncomfortable cushions being the only options in outdoor furniture. An alfresco remodel is the ideal time to rethink your design choices and modernise with comfortable, versatile furniture.

Wood and wicker are making a comeback in Perth outdoor renovations, and it’s safe to say a well-placed concrete table is always a good choice. For flexibility between living, dining and entertaining you could look at modular furniture that moves with your lifestyle.

Our design team can work with you to find finishing touches that are perfectly suited to your taste and budget.


Greenery is an easy way to breathe life into an alfresco area. But it’s more than just visual: you can also use your outdoor renovation to create a small herb garden, add a fragrant flowering lavender or jasmine bush, or plant natives that keep mosquitoes at bay.

Check out our alfresco area design tips for more plant-based goodness.

Light it up!

Last but certainly not least, lighting is a key consideration to creating the vibe in your Perth outdoor renovation.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with lighting. Think about using dimmable downlights to transition from dining to entertaining, or edge-lighting the space for a subtle, sophisticated glow. And don’t forget about pool lighting for an impressive look that will have everyone reaching for their bathers.

Speak to the Addstyle design team for lighting tips that will illuminate your alfresco vision in style.


Addstyle Master Builders: Stunning Outdoor Renovations in Perth

Addstyle are your perfect partner to transform dreams of outdoor living into a reality, with alfresco areas tailored to suit your lifestyle.

From start to finish we follow your vision and find ways to make it incredible without breaking the budget. That’s why our team is the trusted alfresco renovator in Perth, backed by 200 peer-judged awards over our 30 years in business.

Contact Addstyle Master Builders for a free consultation and take the first steps in getting your home in shape for summer with an outdoor renovation.

2019 Kitchen Trends

2019 Kitchen Trends

2019 has arrived and the growth in Perth home renovation is showing no signs of slowing. The Addstyle home renovations team is busier than ever assisting Perth and south-west WA homeowners bring their kitchen remodeling dreams to life. Here is a list of 10 kitchen renovation trends that we are predicting will gain popularity over the coming year.

1. Modern Bistro/Café style Kitchens.

2019 will see trends continue to move toward a bistro kitchen design allowing the café-style ‘lets meet up for coffee’ experience within the home. Big island benches to congregate around, with feature pendants lighting make the space inviting and enjoyable to social in. People are also more coffee savvy than ever before and as a result we are seeing more high-tech, semi-professional coffee machines being incorporated into the kitchen, allowing the average person to enjoy the Caffe Latte experience at home.

2. Free standing cookers are back!
Make a statement in the kitchen with a ‘ Multi-functional Freestanding Cooker’ Gas, Electric, Induction…..The sky is the limit these days with affordability and ease of function being the all-important key.  These upright cookers allow anyone to feel like a gourmet master chef in their own home.  Paired with multi-functional smart app technology, a freestanding cooker can be the jewel in the crown of any new Kitchen.

3. Office Hub // Work Station

With the Kitchen being the centre of the home, we now utilise the space not only for cooking but for dining, gathering with family and friends, and also as the home office and children’s homework space. We are seeing an increased need for that all important office hub integrated into a kitchen. An area that allows a multi-functional environment whilst being able to oversee the family in those busy times in the home. A must have is a charger station with USB ports and wireless chargers to accommodate the whole family’s needs.

4. Digital technology // Into the Future

The modern kitchen in 2019 will see more use of integrated technology with appliances controlled from apps on our smart phones or by voice command. The smart fridge for instance, allows the user to not only access and control appliance settings but also to access the built-in cameras remotely to see what is inside the refrigerator, making grocery shopping that much easier. Another trend we see for 2019 is the use of built in wine preservation and dispensing systems for the at home sommelier, for instance the Quatro from Wine Motion.

5. Matte Black // Matte is Back

Continuing its ascent in 2019 is ‘Matte Black’.  In previous years we have seen matte black plumbing fittings gain popularity in the wet areas and this has now grown to include lighting fixtures, furniture and appliances. The smooth finish combined with the black/charcoal tones often contrast well with kitchens of a lighter colour scheme. Inclusively the colours also flow well with darker, more natural tones to provide a sleek and sophisticated look.

6. Greenery // Flora or Vegetation

With renewed focus on health and wellbeing, an indoor herb garden can bring a touch of vitality to the kitchen. The benefit is having health only a step away and also adding warmth to the overall feel. The low/no maintenance alternative is the use of artificial plants and the quality and availability of faux-greenery has improved significantly. Greenery allows individual style and personality into the space, and is paired well this year with with stone pots or jute baskets. Check out the extensive range at Freedom https://www.freedom.com.au/decorate/artificial-flowers-plants/all-flowers-foliage

7. Butlers Pantry or Floor to Ceiling Cabinets // Say goodbye to clutter

Butlers pantries have been a consistent style choice for the past few years, with the ability to reduce the appearance of bulky appliances on the kitchen countertops and create additional space for storage without cluttering the kitchen. But what to do if you don’t have the excess space for a butlers pantry? The answer is floor to ceiling cabinets; not only can they create a timeless look for your kitchen but they also provide the benefits of a butlers pantry without intruding too greatly on your kitchen space.  The streamline look is on trend with cabinet handles, out and ‘Push to Open’ with finger grip openers, in.

8. Stone Concrete Splashback

The days of the glass splashbacks are now making way for the new stone concrete look, which blend seamlessly with the kitchen countertops. Subway tiles are also proving timelessly on-trend.

9. Underfloor Heating // Heating the Hearth
With kitchens being the heart of the modern home it is only fitting to make it warm and inviting. With underfloor heating more economical in 2019 than ever before and worth possible consideration when planning the kitchen renovation. A handy tip is to do your research with your chosen flooring as some materials are more conductive and offer better heat retention.

10. Metallics
Metallic accents continue to trend, with Gold being the front runner in 2019. Think tap-ware, lighting and accessories to bring warmth and tone to a neutral kitchen palette.

Choose the best Perth kitchen renovation company

Finding the right renovation company to manage your kitchen renovation is imperative to a good experience. Look for a company with a proven track record of quality construction and experience with kitchen design that is well established in the market. Addstyle is WA’s most awarded home renovation and extension builder and has been servicing the Perth market for over 30 years. Addstyle is a full-service, design and build home renovation company with a full team of experts to manage your entire project from conception to handover.

Contact Addstyle today to arrange a complimentary home extension consultation.

Planning the Perfect Kitchen Renovation

Planning the Perfect Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to building and renovating, no room in the home demands more consideration and deliberation than the kitchen. While planning a kitchen renovation can be exciting it can also quickly become overwhelming and costs can easily spiral out of control. Over the past 30 years Addstyle has undertaken hundreds of successful Perth kitchen renovations and we list below our top tips for planning the perfect kitchen renovation.



Firstly, determine your general kitchen layout. Will it be a one or two-sided galley style, U-shaped or L-shaped? Carefully consider how you will use the space as these days cooking is just one of a number of activities undertaken in the kitchen. Many families now use their kitchen to congregate at the beginning and end of each day, dine, entertain their friends, and even work. It is now common to see dining spaces and data work stations integrated into the kitchen, and island benches are becoming multi-functional hubs and storage centres.


Sculleries and Butler’s Pantries


Kitchen sculleries and Butler’s pantries have fast become kitchen design staples. A Butler’s pantry will generally be a walk-in-size pantry with a bench top and power for storage of appliances, as well as food. A scullery on the other hand will generally include a sink, dishwasher and a bin and sometimes it will also include full cooking facilities such as a second oven and cook top. The purpose of a scullery is to provide a space for the ‘messy’ activities of the kitchen to be kept out of sight, while the main kitchen space is kept clutter-free for entertaining.


The Kitchen Work Triangle


The kitchen work triangle is a concept that emerged in the nineteen twenties and it remains an important consideration when planning a functional kitchen layout. The concept identifies the three primary work areas in the kitchen as the cooktop/oven, the sink and the fridge, and maintains that the three areas should be laid out in an efficient triangle. Extending on this theory we would recommend that the dishwasher is always located near the sink and a bin is located underneath the main preparation area.




Perhaps the most important advice in planning a kitchen renovation is to try to avoid moving your plumbing. Plumbing can be expensive to relocate, so if you can design your layout with the sink and gas cook top in the same location you will avoid these costly changes.




Consider your appliances: Do you want one or two ovens? Wall, under-bench or freestanding? Do you want an induction or gas cook top? Does your new fridge require plumbing for water/ice? Do you want a built-in coffee maker, steam oven, microwave? There is much to consider. Most importantly, be sure to provide the exact specifications to your cabinet maker prior to manufacture of your cabinetry.


Cabinetry and bench-tops


As with all aspects of building, you get what you pay for with cabinetry. You not only want good quality cabinetry that will withstand constant use and look good for more than a few months, you also want to ensure that it is fitted and finished well. While there are some attractive ready-made products on the market, custom cabinetry that is made-to-measure will provide a superior finish as it will fit the space perfectly, and can also allow for minor discrepancies or irregularities in the existing space. A quality cabinet maker will also provide a good standard of service and warranty if issues arise or re-alignments are required down the track.


As for bench-tops there are many options available these days from laminates, which have improved in quality and variety, to stones, marble, granite, timber and formed concrete. Beware however that not all products are created equal, particularly when it comes to manufactured stones and laminates. Choose a quality manufacturer and installer as some cheaper options may end up costing you later if they crack, scratch, fade or stain easily.


Materials and colours


Your selection of colours and materials will generally be the elements that provide the first and lasting impression. As a general rule it is advisable to work with a neutral palette whether it be monochrome, or greys, or cream and beige tones; and then use accessories and plants to add pops of colour. Use the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and interior design magazines for inspiration or use an interior design service or your builder’s pre-start consultant to assist and advise you. For advice on current Kitchen Trends read the following article by Addstyle’s own in-house pre-start and selections consultant: Top Kitchen Trends for 2018.


Addstyle is Perth’s most awarded home renovation company and has undertaken hundreds of kitchen renovations over the past 30 years. To discuss your own home renovation project with our multi-awarded team, contact us to arrange a complimentary in-home consultation.


Enhance Your Perth Property with a Quality-Built Granny Flat

Enhance Your Perth Property with a Quality-Built Granny Flat

Enhance Your Perth Property with a Quality-Built Granny Flat

Recent changes to local planning legislation have made it easier than ever for homeowners to add value to their property by adding ancillary accommodation without having to contend with too many restrictions and red tape. The result has created a boom in custom granny flats.

Granny Flats Are no longer just for Grandparents

Traditionally, granny flats provided families with an ideal solution when grandparents need to move closer to the extended family. A self-contained dwelling on the property allows elderly family members to remain close enough for comfort and security, whilst still enjoying a satisfying level of privacy and autonomy.

However, there are plenty of other reasons to consider adding ancillary accommodation to your property.

As property prices remain high around Australia, it has become increasingly difficult for our young adults to enter the property market. As a result many families are searching for solutions to cater for co-habitation as these young adults live at home for longer. An independent on-site dwelling offers adult children the opportunity to live in relative privacy whilst establishing themselves and saving up that extra money needed for a down payment.

Granny flats can also be used to add detached multi-purpose studios to properties or to create indoor-outdoor spaces such as pool houses. And with the increase in work-from-home professionals found in Perth, we’re also seeing many homeowners set up on-site offices that allow them to leave home without physically leaving the property when they report to work each day.

Finally, adding a granny flat to your property can even provide a sound investment opportunity. As a self-contained dwelling, a detached home on your property could bring in a significant weekly rental income. Adding on to your property to increase its value is even easier to justify when you’re confident that you’ll start seeing returns on your investment immediately – and not just on that distant day of sale.  

Finding a Team You Can Trust to Construct Your Granny Flat

If you’re considering improving your existing property in Perth, then you’re certainly not alone. House additions and extensions provide homeowners with a practical and highly affordable means of expanding their living area whilst adding bricks-and-mortar value to their property without the need to move or purchase new land.

However, it’s worth noting that those same relaxed regulations that have made it easier to add a granny flat to your property also come with a few challenges. First of all, there are plenty of builders in the market who use compromised building materials and methods to provide a seemingly cheap product. Unfortunately, as with any area of building, you get what you pay for. At Addstyle we use only quality construction methods and materials to provide a finish that not only looks great but will continue to look great for many years to come. And the best news is that we can provide this for a very competitive price and in comparable construction time frame.

Addstyle Master Builders has worked in the Perth and the surrounding area for three decades now, and in that amount of time, we’ve developed a reputation for the quality and reliability of our work. When you commission Addstyle for home extensions and property improvements, you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of Western Australia’s most experienced and awarded home improvement team.

We Supply Our Clients with Custom Granny Flats

A quick survey of new construction in Perth reveals that many builders prefer one-size-fits-all solutions. But at Addstyle, we prioritise the specific needs and desires of our clients. When you engage Addstyle to build a granny flat on your property, we’ll see to it that the final structure is perfectly suited to your property as well as to your own design sensibilities.

Every project we undertake is unique, but each begins with an in-depth consultation with the client. We’ll work hard to understand your needs and expectations – as well as how you plan to use this new addition to your property. As a result, we’re able to deliver truly customised solutions that blend with existing architecture and stand the test of time.

Take a look at our project gallery for an idea of the calibre of work we carry out in Perth and greater WA. And if you have any questions about our design-and-build process or the possibility of building a granny flat on your property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  


The Benefits of Renovating Heritage Homes

The Benefits of Renovating Heritage Homes

Heritage Homes


Heritage homes or ‘character homes’ as they are more broadly known, are highly sought-after properties due to their unique charm and limited availability. Souring ceilings, feature moldings, tall skirting boards and jarrah floorboards are just a few of the timeless characteristics that attract buyers to these homes of a bygone era.


Other period features that attract homebuyers to heritage homes include grand entries and hallways, lead-light glass windows and doors, fireplaces, feature architraves, cornices and ceiling roses, picture rails and tuck-pointed brickwork. Such homes showcase craftsmanship and attention to detail that is rarely seen in modern construction.


Heritage homes also tend to defy market downturns as demand is generally consistent due to limited stock. If well maintained, they represent an ideal property investment.


Challenges in Remodeling a Heritage Home


The decision to restore and renovate a character home requires significant research and expert advice. The cost of restoration and renovation is often higher with character homes than with modern construction, as the original structure may need to be upgraded to meet modern building codes and regulations. There is also often the hidden cost of removing hazardous material such as asbestos, that was used in the original construction.


While the features of a heritage home are attractive, the layout is often unsuited to today’s lifestyle. Isolated kitchens and a general lack of living space are the most common concerns.


A thoughtfully designed renovation will integrate the old with the new and create a modern home that is respectful of its heritage. Finding the right balance is not as easy as it may sound and therefore it is advisable to seek the help of an experienced designer with a speciality in heritage home renovation.


If the home is officially heritage listed or located in a heritage precinct, there will be very strict regulations as to how it can be renovated, and the local authority will usually dictate the colour palette and materials that must be used. The local council will engage a heritage consultant to assess your application which may require a detailed design justification outlining how each of the heritage requirements have been considered and reflected in the project.


Heritage Home Perth Restoration Benefits


Restoring and renovating a heritage home is the ultimate in urban upcycling. If the renovation is executed well, it should provide an excellent return on investment. Construction short-cuts can completely undermine the finished product and make resale difficult. Careful consideration should be given to the consistency of floor and ceiling heights, as well as joinery. Above all you must ensure that workmanship is to a quality standard, reflective of the passion and care that was invested into the original home.


A well-executed heritage house renovation, will provide you with a beautiful home that is the envy of many.


Addstyle Master Builders is renowned as Perth’s heritage and character home specialist. Addstyle has undertaken hundreds of heritage home renovations over the past 30 years and is Perth’s most awarded heritage home renovation builder. To discuss your own requirement, contact Addstyle for a complimentary consultation.